Passport and visa

Most foreign participants will need a visa to enter Russia. Please contact the local authorities for visa information/request. The Organising Committee will arrange an official invitation or confirmation letter for your visa application. For that, contact Elena Sherudilo ( We ask you to send copies of valid passports by fax +7(8142) 769810 or by e-mail (a scanned copy) ( together with additional information (deadline April 1, 2019):

1. First and last name
2. Date and place of birth
3. Sex
4. Nationality
5. Passport number, date of issue and expiry
6. Scanned copy of passport sent by fax to the Institute (+7(8142) 769810) or by e-mail ( as attached file
7. Position (profession)
8. Affiliation (employer's office address, telephone, fax, e-mail)
9. Dates of your arrival and departure
10. Where you expect to get visa (country, city with Russian Consulate)


– We need at least 2 months for obtaining invitation from the Russian Foreign Ministry (for participants from countries outside the Schengen area). You need to contact Elena Sherudilo before the end of April. The Organising Committee will inform you immediately when the invitation is ready and send it to your postal address. After that, you can contact with the local Russian Consulate to get the visa.

– Please inform the Organising Committee about arrival and departure dates (St. Petersburg, Moscow and Petrozavodsk).

English is not widely used in Russia. So, try to ask for information in the airport or at the railway station.

The currency in Russia is rouble (RUB). A rouble is made up of 100 kopeyka. The exchange rate of RUB is 75 RUB = 1 EUR.

Transport in the city
Bus (28 RUB), trolleybus (25 RUB), taxi (150-200 RUB).

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